Backyard Wilderness - List of Wild Edibles
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Please read this page carefully, paying particular attention to the headers above each section. There are some edibles that are very safe and may be eaten as a regular part of a healthy diet, some that should only be consumed in moderation, and some that are safe only when harvested, cleaned, processed, prepared, and cooked using strict measures. To avoid illness, or worse, it is important to know the characteristics and precautions for each plant. Also, remember that it's possible to have an allergic reaction to any plant or mushroom, especially when eating it the first time. Remember, even something as seemingly safe as wild apples can give one a stomach ache if too many are consumed or if they are eaten when not fully ripe!
For additional information on any of the plants in this list, please see the reference sources given for each one.
Safe Edibles

"Must Cook Properly for Safety before Eating" Edibles

Risky Edibles