Backyard Wilderness Recommended References & Readings
Medicinal Plants of North America - by Jim Meuninck

Stalking the Wild Asparagus - by Euell Gibbons

Weed 'Em and Reap - by Roger Kalisch

Collapse - by Jared Diamond

1491 - by Charles C. Mann

1493 - by Charles C. Mann

The Trees in My Forest - by Bernd Heinrich

Mycelium Running - by Paul Stamets

A Field Guide to Wild Edible Plants - by Lee Allen Peterson

Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America - by Roger Phillips

Wildflowers of Vermont - by Kate Carter

Shrubs and Vines of Vermont - by Kate Carter

Teaming with Microbes - by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis

The Earth Moved - by Amy Stewart

The Creation - by E. O. Wilson

The Nature Principle - by Richard Louv

The Flowering Earth - by Donald Culross Peattie

A God Within - by Rene Dubos

Design with Nature - by Ian McHarg

Topophilia - by Yi-Fu Tuan

Bringing Nature Home - by Richard Tallamy
(eloquently explains how invasive plants are contributing to species decline worldwide.)

Wild Plants I Have Known and Eaten - by Russ Cohen

Weeds; In Defense of Nature's Most Unloved Plant - by Richard Mabey

Botany in a Day; The Patterns Method of Plant Indentification - by Thomas J. Elpel

Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland - by Helen C. Rountree and Thomas E. Davidson
(contains a list of all plants, trees and shrubs utilized by Native Peoples of the DelMarVa peninsula.)

Walter's Vegetation of the Earth; The Ecological Systems of the Geo-Biosphere - by Siegmar - W. Breckle

Mushrooms of Northeast North America - by George Baron

Early American Herb Recipes - by Alice Cooke Brown

Roanoke: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony - by Lee Miller
(contains info recorded in 1587 by naturalist Thomas Hariot about plants eaten by Native Peoples of North Carolina.)

Terra - by Michael Novacek

Changes in the Land; Indians, Colonists and the Ecology of New England - by William Cronon
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