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June 2013
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According to the weather service this has been one of the rainiest Junes on record for Vermont. It has been hard gardening and due to slippery, wet trails I have cancelled a number of plant walks, but damp, misty days can be spectacular for walking in the forest, and great for growing mushrooms and other fungi!
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The two photos above show Ganoderma tsugae, or Red Reishi, one
of the most studied fungi in the world for its medicinal properties.
Found growing in the eastern U.S. and Canada on dead Eastern Hemlock, (Tsuga canadensis,) this beautiful bracket fungus also grows in Japan and China, (where it is known as Lingzhi,) and has been revered for its health-giving medicinal properties for more than two millennia.
" Modern research is fascinated with these fungi: not only are they incredibly safe, they seem to have a profound balancing effect on immunity, stress hormones, heart and brain function, and genetic expression. They are the very definition of a tonic." - Guido Mase from The Wild Medicine Solution, p. 241.
Caution! Do not eat or ingest this polypore. For medicinal purposes an extract must first be properly prepared from this fungus, after it has been dried a prescribed amount of time.