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Our goal at for 2013 is to host frequent plant identification walks at various locations on a rotating schedule in Central Vermont, so participants can learn to identify plants at every stage throughout the year. Many thanks to Ann, Eric, Caroline, Sally, Jane, Laura, Mitch, Cathie, Michelle, Brian, Addie, Lila, Amanda, JoAnne, Martha, Anne, Ian and Phil for attending our April events!
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In his beautifully written, highly acclaimed and much needed book,Terra, paleontologist Michael Novacek masterfully presents the natural history and consequences of past mass extinction periods on planet earth, and vividly portrays the human folly and cavalier disregard for our home planet that is rapidly leading to the sixth and potentially worst extinction event of all.
By the end of this century more than half of all life forms on earth may be gone forever...

Please join us at Backyard Wilderness as we attempt to educate and energize people, so together we can take action to stop natural habitat destruction now, before it is too late.

There are many ways you can help. For more information, please email Mike Ather at or call 802-279-9547.