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The photos above show two plants prized by Original Inhabitants of the northeast, Typha spp.(Cattail) and Rhus typhina, (Staghorn Sumac.) Early cattail shoots are delicious and Staghorn Sumac berries make a refreshingly delicious cold tea in late summer.
Despite the dramatic effects of global warming and climate change here in the northeast, every once in a while we get a taste of the "good ol' days" in Vermont. March can be a fickle month, with temps in the high seventies and low 80's some years, or the 20's and 30's other years. Some like it hot, some like it cold, but either way, this is an incredibly beautiful state!
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Have you signed up for one of our many wild edible walks this season? It's your chance to spend some time with a small group of nice people in the great outdoors, and get acquainted with some wonderful new tastes and flavors that you won't find at the grocery store! - First event is Saturday, April 20 - see the Events page for details...