Drying Plants and Herbs - page 2
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Agrimony leaves placed onto a drying tray. Be sure to leave space around each leaf for good air circulation.
Each herb or plant may require a different drying time and temperature, but 8 hours at 95 degrees in the dehydrator was perfect for these Agrimony leaves.
Crinkled and wrinkled, and just a bit crispy these leaves are ready!
The right hand photo shows dried Agrimony leaves being placed into a canning jar for storage. To ensure that the leaves are fully dried, seal the jar and check it after 8 hours for condensation. There should not be any. If there is, return the herb to the dryer for more time, then try again.
Although herbs can simply be hung to dry in the open air, or dried in an oven, it is far easier, sanitary, and more efficient to use a tabletop food dehydrator like the one above.
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