Wild Edible Mushrooms - page 3
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The photos above and to the right show Aborted Entolomas, or
Entoloma abortvitum. This is another mushroom that is better eaten only after it is parasitized by the Armillaria fungus. Although the unaborted form of this mushroom is edible, it resembles other mushrooms that can make you ill. Also known by some as "Snow Shrimp" this mushroom is delicious sauteed in cocktail sauce. Be careful harvesting this one. NEVER eat it if there are any visible traces of gills!
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The slimy, yet still somewhat beautiful fungus above appears to have been a member of the Hericium family, but unfortunately was too far gone to identify properly. This one was growing on a log in a wood pile in Bristol, Virginia in the summer of 2005.
Both photos taken under hemlock and pine trees in South Burlington, VT on October 9, 2011.
The photo at left shows a cluster of Honey mushrooms, Armillaria melea. These are prized by foragers for their wonderful flavor, but are easily and often mis-identified. There are two other unrelated mushrooms, Galerina autumnalis and Pholiota squarrosa, and one related cousin, Armillaria gemina, which are often mistaken for Honey mushrooms with terrible results. All three of the imposters are poisonous. Galerina is deadly!
Be very careful to read the text on this page thoroughly. There are many mushrooms that can make you extremely sick, and a few that can kill. Knowing the difference may save your life. ALWAYS use a reliable field guide. NEVER guess or take chances!