Backyard Wilderness
You probably already know that "fiddleheads" are edible, but which fiddleheads, and how does one tell the difference? Do you know which plants First Peoples used for a salty seasoning? Have you wondered how in times long past native peoples survived the harsh winters of North America? Ever wanted to learn what wild edible or medicinal plants grow in your own backyard or neighborhood? Here's how you can find out for FREE!
Simply host a party of eight to twelve paying participants, (your own fee is waived,) and we will schedule a time to walk your location with your group, or we can arrange to have them visit one of our sites.
Prices are extremely reasonable, and a "wild" time is guaranteed for all!

Call, send an e-mail, or register on-line... 802-279-9547
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People are often astounded to learn how many tasty, nutritious wild edible, and effective medicinal plants can be found growing near their own homes and neighborhoods!
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