The outer edges of Dryad's Saddle or Pheasant Back, (Polyporous squamosis,) are great when simmered in a little oil and butter! Better to harvest them when they are small. Place cursor on photo to see "baby dryads."
Marsh Marigold leaves, or "Cowslips," are delicious when harvested before they stop blooming and properly prepared. Caution! The milky sap is mildly toxic, so leaves must be cooked in three changes of boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes, before eating!
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Wild plant walk at Five Tree Hill in Williston, VT
Sunday, June 29.
10 am to 1 pm.
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Are you a person more at home in a field or forest than in a large city? Would
you rather hunt wild edible mushrooms, search for turtles in a brook, watch fox kits playing near their den, or follow deer through the woods than channel surf your wide screen TV? Does rampant urban development and suburban sprawl frighten you, because of your concern for the wild inhabitants of planet earth?
 If you answered yes to these questions, then you will understand the guiding philosophy of this website, which simply stated is;

"Humans should be caretakers of planet earth, responsible for its ecological health and destiny."

 Please join us on the following pages exploring nature, and learning how to live in harmony with the natural world...
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Fields, forests, marshes and bogs are filled with thousands of wild edible and medicinal plants containing trace minerals, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and healing compounds not found in the narrow selection of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.
- in your own backyard
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